Update 2016

Hey everyone, there’s been no posts in a while and maybe they’ll start up again soon but just thought I’d fill you in and give you and update on our lives.

Steven- Recently traveled overseas to the UK and Europe, returning home he got kicked out of home and is homeless and living in a friends van. The blog detailing the overseas trip will be up on: http://steventure.blogspot.com.au/ although it’s not up there yet. He’s currently training to join the army and is still harassing Stuart to work on the RDSC movie, though has slightly given up hope.

Stuart- Currently working full time and still lacking motivation to do any RDSC or work on the movie, also currently engaged and to be wed in November this year! So congratulations to the Stuart!

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About Steven

Male Australian http://www.youtube.com/user/VensoHowlie http://steventure.blogspot.com.au/ http://www.last.fm/user/Venso-Howlie http://vensohowlie.tumblr.com/ www.twitter.com/VensoHowlie http://venso-howlie.deviantart.com/
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