Honey I’m Home!

So yeah, the weekly update promise didn’t quite fall through and from now on I AM GOING TO STOP MAKING FALSE PROMISES.


This is my promise* to you, dear dear reader/s.

But anyway, I have finally finished AIE and have promised* Steven that I shall DEFINITELY be working on RDSC, and to prove* that I have indeed been doing on class work and CERTAINLY NOT playing video games here’s some of my class work from this year, my blogs:

http://www.tumblr.com/blog/maniac-of-doom -General classwork


http://www.tumblr.com/blog/stusartblog – My end of year reaserch

So i guess whats up next on my agenda is probably making a few backgrounds for the RDSC movie.

…..also, there may or may not be an RDSC game in the works, but more on that later.

Any way, later you magnificent bastards**









*me’be lie

** or just you Steven, ya bastard


About maniacofdoom

oh, mah, gods I'm 20, Male, Australian, and filled with doomey sweetness
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