Hello all!

HOWDY! It is I! Stuart! BACK FROM THE DEAD NO LESS! just letting you guys know that i’m still alive and kicking, and that work on the 3D portions of the movie shall commence!

Starting this week I am going to set aside a day a week to to work on assets for the movie and if i don’t, feel free to abuse me in the comments! hooray!

I will also be posting progress on this to keep you guys and Steven (mostly Steven) happy.

As for The tech stuff, its been so long that i’m switching from Cinema 4D to Maya, the down side being that i may have to re-make the lounge room, but on the plus side, expect a better quality of work.

Anyway,  that’s it for now, expect more to come!



ps, this;



About maniacofdoom

oh, mah, gods I'm 20, Male, Australian, and filled with doomey sweetness
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