Satan’s Diary

About 5 years ago I recorded a bunch of audio things as the persona of Satan. Many of my friends found them highly amusing, the most popular of which about 3 years ago (before having any real film experience) Stuart and I decided to film it. It was a extremely hot summers day in Australia, filming in my oven of a garage, wearing a big leather jacket and a mask, covering my fingers with red texter. We attempted to film the popular audio play against a green blanket we planned to edit to be a background of fire and brimstone… (hell) Trying to record it straight onto the device was found to be difficult given it was a camera that used tape. And so about 16 seconds in the films cut out, and the camera said it was full. So we removed all the footage off the digital aspect (which was awful quality) and re-filmed after I had a break down outside in the heat and covered my face with water from a tap washing the texter off my hands. I then covered my hands in tomato sauce. And shot again. The heat, stress and annoyance of the whole situation caused it to look like I was just going crazy, looking over the footage I said ‘Fuck it’.
This year, after a dry spill of not filming and losing my camera I took the first 16 seconds, spliced it with the second more erratic film shoot, and dubbed it over giving you this wonderful piece of shit you see before you! Enjoy.

The views represented in this do not represent the views of the creator, but those of a fictional comedic Satan. Anyone easily offended should not listen, because you’re a pussy. This contains racism, xenophobia, and a whole manner of unpleasant things you’d image the Devil to chat about.


About Steven

Male Australian
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