Comments from german writer Kee Suoe: “INNER VIOLENCE AND BLOODSHED: A VIDEO SKINS THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT OF ORIGAMI ATROCITIES___Early reviews have complained about its coarseness and vulgarity – but I have never seen a film that so vividly depicts the link between a trauma and its transmutation (the cat-to-parrot-parable). The drama of daily existence is not imposed from the outside but discovered by exploration (cupboard, toilet), a process that takes into account the natural environment and a philosophy of life (1:03 – 1:05). This video’s photographic detail is far superior – its ability to tell a story through images, and its use of the shot as the basis of a sequence. The film provides detailed pictorial information of the environment (Atlantis), narrative structure, and the filmmaker’s art with its implicit emotive statement. Highly talented artists at their first very auspicious steps to success (stairs)

An ominous opus of dread, punctuated by spikes of desperation, frustration, anger and, towards the beginning, genuine happiness.”


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