Working Hard or Hardly Working?

YES, progress is being made on the RDSC film. After numerous death threats and sticking venomous snakes into his letterbox Stuart has knuckled down and started animating…. Yes, just started.
Meanwhile I’ve been hiking, climbing and adventuring over the place. But make no mistake lads, this film will be made.
Don’t be expecting any lame ass comic updates, because you’re not likely to get one. But hey, let’s not rule it out.
And here’s a sneak peek at a background scene from the film, not completed but Stuart made it in a couple of minutes.
God bless that anally retentive beast.

and TV


Also, just adding, there is no God. And I want to learn Swahili…. buuuut enough about that.
Hope this gets you semi wet, and excited. Because I wrote a HILARIOUSLY FUNNY….. script.

Oh and before I forget. In the good ol’ spirit of RDSC I made a very bad, but very fantastic movie poster:


Sincerely, Christopher Johnson McCandless aka Steven.

P.S. Elections being held in Australia tomorrow. And of course, here at RDSC we never miss an opportunity to be political.


About Steven

Male Australian
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